Use your Brain

Hello Everybody,

Almost people is never make freedom they have, for example freedom of thought, as compensation they need freedom of expression, freedom of speak and so on.

In the Name of Allah the Most gracious and merciful, as human being we have completely resources to praise of all for the God and to campaign all people with  good behavior, right attitude, mingle with the others. But the most importance we can use “our thought”  to increase good ideas, create new change to support the progress of social change movement as well as the Holly Book Guidance “Al-Quranul karim”. There is no God but Allah and Muhammad SAW the messenger of Allah. In which all human being have task and duty to campaign of the truth and good behavior, nothing except.

Everybody can do the best of their task and duties for to keep the world, to keep our land, our environment, our planet, to keep our relationship between the people and other human being. We have mandate from Allah to do the best for our life, to day and next day. Nobody can say that they don’t have responsibility to do the best for their life.

Remember the short wise word “Today is better than yesterday and tomorrow is better than today”. The message everybody can do what you want but you should like to do best for your life day to day. Do the best, get the best. What do you do today, that you can get tomorrow, exactly.

Look at my simple tips to get the good behavior;

first, prepare the best of plan and consistence to create and improving the plan

second, do it  what is your plan with the best action and consistence to improving for to get the high distitinction

third, monitoring and evaluation your plan and action and consistence to improving if any mistake. It doesn’t matter if any mistake. Somebody is never make mistake is never make anything new.

So ok, please plan, do and evaluation. I believe you can do the best.

Thank and goodluck

IF Vegan


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best today best tomorrow best forever
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One Response to Use your Brain

  1. lidda says:

    great ideas !

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