Three Strategies to Build Successful Organization


Prepared by :

Iwan Febriyand Vegan*)



To me organization is very important. They are growing, but they do not growing without people. They only grow with the people. In other word, people that run the organization (not only corporate, non government organization, government institution but including military organization), will make organization grow. When we say that an organization that is empty of people, and yet growing. It has to be growing because the people inside the organization grow. For good example; Democratic Party and Prosperous and Justice Party, they have certain basic strategies, they believe there must be clear, focus and purpose. The purpose of Democratic Party (Partai Demokrat) and also PKS (Partai Keadilan Sejahtera/Prosperous Justice Party) is really to improve good governance, quality of education and health, implementing law enforcement and social justice for the whole people of Indonesia. To combine of quality of human being, quality of the people, strengthening of the power to reaching clean and good governance.

The other example Al-Azhar Islamic Foundation and also Az-Zaitun, Daaras Salam Gontor and also Insan Cendekia Madani, Catholic Penabur School, Tarakanita and also Regina Pacis are really to provide quality of education, highest achievement distinction. But the most important they have purpose to provide balancing of IMTAQ and IPTEK. University of Indonesia, Institute Technology of Bandung and University of Gajah Mada are the best University. In the corporate context that we know a lot of company beside it  Mandiri Bank, Bukopin Bank, Telecommunication, Indosat. Bakri Brother Group, Kodel and Gobel Group, and mostly small and medium enterprise.


The second strategy that the work upon is that there must be proper process. What is the process? A process something that we work with in order to achieving something. It is how to we do thing. Now as for as a process is concerned, most modern, most sophisticated. They emphasize in efficiency of the use technology for get efficiency and effectiveness. So, technology is just a vehicle to achievement and to reaching the goal. This is that we call a process. So over and above the technology, we also the utilize the concept. For example in education, where education is continues learning process. Education is not only accessing knowledge. Education requires ability to analyses, ability to criticize, ability to articulate, ability to elaborate, ability to explain manner, in a very coherent manner, in a systematic manner. So, all that abilities can not be obtain only through one particular source. The process must be complete, must be comprehensive in order to account for the needs for developing individual to wholesome individual, to whole some whole.


The third strategy that we talk about is the people. You can for example, get a very beautiful structure building and nice big room for your office. You can have all kind of decoration in the room, beautiful furniture, etc. but if you don’t have the right people (istiqomah), nothing will work. It is the people who will meet everything successful. But people alone are not enough. We need the people have proper attitude (shabrun), people who are dedicated (Al-Amanah). People who are committed to their work (tawadhu’). People who understand their work, their job and their ability (Al-hasanah), respect  with the other people (ta’aruf), mutual understand with the other (tafahhum), mutual respect and familiar with the other (ta’awwun).People who appreciated with the others. People who can mingle with other people. Who can work as a team. Who should be able to work individual, independently, but at the same time they should be able to work with the others.

As conclusion through there are three strategies we can get better experiences, tacit and explicit knowledge, professional management and how to organizing of the people. All of people have original of motivation for get high achievement. Purpose, Process and People are very important and basic strategic to build successful organization, political party organization, Non Government Organization and military organization but all of various of the organization.


Hasbunallah Wani’mal Wakiil,

Ni’mal Maula Wani’Mannasir,

Thank, Arigato Gazaimasu, Gracias, Mercy

*) Iwan F.V is an author, observer and researcher dealing with intelligence, security defense, energy, technology, industry, economy, music and architecture. Living in  Jl. Atang Sanjaya Kp.Lumbung (Belakang Indomaret) Semplak Barat,  Kemang district  in Bogor regency  Telp. (0251) 17532959 Call me and  toward Hp. 081317942168, and contact email: and my own web.


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