Prolegomena of Security Defense-Intelligence


Brighten Intelligence and Security Defense Transform

Iwan Febriand Vegan *)

Good knowledge and understanding concerning intelligent and defense hardly required so that we can formulate recent defense strategy as according to tendency of form of threat in future. Problem of defense a state is most basic problem, which will base on growth of problem of differ from timely. Because that is disregarding problem of defense and strength of intelligent will affect is ugly to the decline ability of good state in industrial of defense, innovation and growth of technology as a whole. Some reasons need to explain why comprehensive understandings hit intelligence and defense of vital importance, specially for parliamentarian which have responsible formulate regulation related to intelligent and defense issue and also for circle of enthusiast and academician problem of industrial of defense and acting intelligent.

This book compiles as other supporter book which writer prepare entitle” Fixing Defense and Brighten Intelligence” following a number of reason of can become consideration for you before reading this book as a whole:

  • Industrial of defense is full industrial of high secrecy, especially effort to deterrence from enemy intelligent penetration. Because that is why industrial market of defense have the character of monopsonistic, mean company producing weapons and industrial of the defenses in this time quite a lot but buyer only party (side related to problem of defense for example defense minister (state), police, immigration, gendarmerie.
  • Technological of defense necessary for a state because can give benefit and contribution for activity of research and development and also industrial bases a state. Most basic reason also related to science, technology, then industrial engineering, and technological innovation for civil.
  • Defense budget of one mirror state in National Budget (APBN) every year coming from national income or people tax steaming from within country. Because that is why levying of main appliance of very sensitive defense system and draw to be careful because concerning big transaction, monopsonistic and hardly influenced by producing country government politics attitude and policy.
  • Comprehend intelligent and defense is not only necessary for them are related to securities sectors and militaries, but also necessary for of journalists, politician, legislative member, academician, any person who and civil public having caring with intelligence and defenses issues.
  • Indonesia have passed reform process under democratic regime during 10 year, at the (time) of same of military (TNI- Indonesian Armed Forces) have also do reform which hardly mean for reinforcement of defense posture and towards professional military. But defense reform shall continuously to innovate and formulated to follow political dynamics and global threat constellation.
  • Problem of defense and security of state is problem we is with, where Indonesia national military is main strength component, while people is supporter component and reserve component. So comprehend form of threats and grow awareness advocate state become responsible all suborders and citizens according to law and regulations.
  • Intelligent world as central part from problem of defense is reality things is not intuition, mystery or untouchable, causing earn we study and develop, for example human intelligence, telemetric intelligence, signal intelligence, photographic intelligence, crypto logic intelligence, electronic intelligence and known and recognized important other intelligent component by whoever so that we can develop awareness with in comprehending and know form of threat to state.

To fulfill requirement of information and carrying knowledge concerning intelligent and defense that is main reason of this book I write in one package with other book concerning fixing defense of TNI: toward professional military.

Based on UUD 1945, Government that we awaking up is government which woke up to democracy, where sovereignty of politics bear democracy and sovereignty of law bear nomocracy.

Hopefully this book can give contribution for acceleration of smart democracy consolidation of nation, clarification of way of us to think and the steady of association and unity of nation, straightening of law which will base on process development of social, economic, political and defense which tough. Come on we give contribution for Glorious Indonesia to have other nations for part prestige and existence in worlds.             Apologize superior all faults and insufficiency, hopefully future can be done by completion and repair.


Iwan Febriyand Vegan,

Executive Director Brighten and Intelligence Institute (BINTCorpLink)

THANK utterance

Writing and compilation of this book on Dictionary of security defense and Glossary of intelligent  basically started by requirement related to deep-study of study and study concerning defense and also seeking of model fixing intelligent in future. Difficulty which writer facing relating to certain terminology and glossary point writer for finishing existing book of your hand.

At the (time) of this dictionary book written in parallel with writing and research process a book concerning fixing defense in bilingual and other book concerning the Future of Intelligence and State intelligent body reform book. Third the books hopefully earn writer finish before this year-end 2008.

Because that is thanks flavor and amazed of by the bless of God to His award so that writer can finish this book in parallel with end phase of my own book  other between various entitled Knowledge Management, Book on Ideology of Deocratic People, Other book on Castes in Development: Structural Poorness Of Model Neo-liberal. About 6 writer book have finish in 9 this month. So average of one book of 45 day is intensive. Every day about 15 hour (clock is finished for conceptual skeletal Create, book study, data collecting, discussion on drafting and reinforcement of basis idea until compilation of complete as earning you present.

Those books earn writer finish thank to support and aid from various good party (sides in the form of and matter content facilities and also studies, equipment of choice book material so equipments of laptop from my devoted friend mas Supriyadi and akang Meydi facilities from Bang Luthfi Miza in IMTEL company. Thank to two his laptop this is this writing plan can run at ease and challenges. Main principle for writer is seriousness and reach the tacit knowledge for learning effectively. Its way learn directly from the expert (the Mpu of science), mas Kusnanto Anggoro (expert security defense), my great honorable Suripto (expert of intelligent and law enforcement), and a number of other friends.

Special thank utterance of vital importance sent Mr.Suripto SH in  between the work, task and duties as vice chairman of commission 3 DPR RI (he always ready to discuss and give input of benefit to impregnation of this book study and  other books being writer finish. He is former chief unit of National Intelligence Agency enough having experience and understanding concerning intelligent. He have checked draft of early this document and book, many giving input and also corrective repairs. He also vouchsafe preface at publication of edition firstly this book.

Feel thank also writer send to friend in long discussion and debate and tire,Dr. Syechbubakar Abdurrahman and Dr. Ivan, Hadar, Dr. Ega, and other friends in United Nation Development Programs, especially in UNDP-Indonesia Program.

To my colleagues deserve special thanks is offered to him Dr.Kusnanto Anggoro, Dr.Andi Widjoyanto FISIP graduate lecturer, University of Indonesia, Letjend. Agus Widjojo, Fajrul Falakh.Msc, Dr. Rizal Sukma, Cornellis Lay. Msc, Mas Day T Prihatono and all your friends Institute Pro-Patria, Beni Sukadis MSc, Rizal Dharma Putera.Msc, and a team of researchers CSIS, Lesperssi, and the activist network of Security Sector Reform Indonesian studies very seriously and consistently develop thinking and knowledge to reform of security sector in the context of democratization since 1996-present. I would highly appreciate and respect the struggle of his colleagues as one of the networking groups are extremely productive study in a long quest format SSR in Indonesia.


Baca secara fonetik

Thank utterance also proper sent by friends Kaukus Staf Ahli Politik Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat Republik, Indonesia, Mas Sidi, Mawardi, S. Tarigan Abdul Malik, Haramain, Mas, Ariyanto, Indra, Badaruddin, At Dawn Prabowo, Zainul, Fransiskus Jhon Sohuleka and kith is other. ///they have inspireed and spirit [of] for writers for finishing this book.

Finally, for my beloved wife is Rini Nurulita Vegan to the support and kind lovely, and patience assist to provide studies material, choice reference so that hardly facilitate writer finish this book. And so do both my female in SMAN 5 and SMAN 9 Bogor is plenty (of) assist because is devoted accompanies the father along the length of night make translation from English, French and Japan. And so do when studying science Litography and Cryptography for facilitating writer comprehend intelligents codes. Both my female is             very smart make this difficult translation.

Hopefully this book can give benefit for reader, specially they are having attention in study on problem  and challenge of security and defense reform, including national police reform  today,  academician, of military officers, Public and parliament member in general.

Apologize superior all good faults and  insuffiencies  which intended and also no, remember the many limitation which writer having to finish this book. Hopefully in future edition can be done by repair, corrective and completion.

Bogor September 2008


Suripto SH

Strategic Study and defence study institute founder council chief of Indonesia

Republic Of Indonesia unity state is one of world power in world. From demography aspect is state with amount of residents of 240 million soul, the biggest fourth after RRC India and United States. Including longest state both coastline after Canada of 81.000 km2. But Indonesia have remains wide tutupan forest of 95 million hectare is world lung state broadly wet rainforest wide in world with Brazilia and Republic Demokratik Congo in African. Indonesia also known as state most plural, about 550 tribe by 720 vernacular spread over from island west back part Rondo Nangro Aceh Darussalam until tip of east Merauke, island Irian Jaya.

Regional of Republic of indonesia state is so wide, consist of 17.504 island which relationship by seas and at the same time flanked by two oceans, is big challenge in formulating idea of system pertahanan-keamanan and inteligent available for guarantying sovereignty of state, perfection of safety and region whole nation from all kind of threat in this time and future.

In this time and future, form of threat for Indonesia tend to in the form of threat non-militer compared by military threat, because with progress of technology, hence the form of threat not necessarily pass high beresiko military attack, and also invite reaction of international world.

Thereby we require to determine threat perception beforehand so that we can draw up toward such defence and kemanan which we will strengthen, including state inteligent body reform will be formulated or compiled, because security and defence hardly depended and influenced by storey and degree of the faced threat, and also nation component kapabilitity in overcoming every the form of threat.

On the way history of Indonesian nation, is very enable that toughness of nation component in looking after perfection of state and nation is tested passing is harmonious the relation of sipil-militer. If(when the relation of sipil-militer is inharmonious hence toughness of component of defence of state in face of threat essence which multidimensional would hardly gristle. [so/till] in this time there is two main umbrella becoming main base the relation of sipil-militer namely

[Code/Law] No.34 year 2004 concerning Indonesia national military, [Code/Law] No.2 year 2002 concerning Defence Of State. It is of course authentication of Bill of Reserve component, Bill of Reserve component Defence Of State and Bill of Supporter component Defence Of State will become new base in framework the relation of siipil military in Indonesia. And so do urgency solution of State inteligent

<p>have to get serious attention from Parliament and government to soon study effectively and progressive.</p>
<p> </p>
<p>Besides a number of Other draft of laws related to Defence Of states, State inteligent also required by solution acceleration in Parliament. Therefore, based on</p>

[Code/Law] commendation No.3 year 2002 concerning Defence Of State, hence Bill of Reserve component Defence Of State and Bill of Supporter component Defence Of State have to earn soon studied by legislative storey in order not to invite confusion in public concerning supporter component and reserve component and also form of fixed state inteligent body.</p>
<p>Hereinafter we also require to determine and specify threat essence non-militer based on priority, that is form of threat what and what particular needing focussed, remember and also mempertimbagakan condition of Indonesia geographical position, spreading of kependudukan and sosial-ekonomi and also sosial-kultural Indonesia public.</p>
<p>Following is various actual threats having the character of hidden which faced by is Indonesian nation either at in this time and also future;</p>
<p>Firstly; Natural disaster, because approximant one-third regional disaster gristle Indonesia, 60 active volcano spread over all region from tip of Sumatra most west [so/till] Merauke in east Papua, inclusion tens of seamount ( mount under) rich contents of gold, oil but also as source of vibration vulkanik.</p>
<p>Second; Damage of area and exploitation sumberdaya is natural redundantly without reckoning ability take place sumberdaya nature for saving generation which will come. In 50 year Indonesia losing of 70 million hectare wide tutupan forest out of 165 million hectare, now remain half theness.</p>
<p>Third; Identity Negara-Kebangsaan ( nation building and state building) referring to pressure and also strong current from liberalisation and globalization of one side and referring to the  flower of idea etnonasionalisme other side.</p>
<p>Fourth: Badness of trans-nasional like; commerce of anaesthetic, human traficking and child, terorrisme, badness through information technology, money laundrying ( money laundering), badness of economics, smuggling of source of fossils objects and natural resources.</p>
<p>Threat essence non-militer of superior can only be overcome if is the relation of sipil-militer harmonious, hence problem of pertahanan-keamanan and also inteligent nasiomal and implementation a number of

s are expected can answer threats essences challenge through increasing of nations components kapabilitities on the basis of democratic controls which akuntabel to militaries institutions.

In this book detectable various vocabularies and terms related to problem of pertahanan-keamanan and inteligents which written and compiled by yous Iwan Febriand, Vegan, a researcher independent various sciences disciplines include;cover technology, architecture, defence, inteligent, industrial, economic of development, political, sociology [so/till] problem of general science and performing art.

All choices references material and library reference in books dictionary of security defense and glossariums of this intelligence obtained from discussions and researchs through focuses group discussion Pro-Patria, Lesperssi, FES, DCAF, Self-Supporting Institute network of Public Komnas, HAM, KRHN, website intelligence, buku-bu u inteligence from CIA and book study in Indonesia university. Because that is expected by is the sejogya of this book can give idea contribution and facilitate of inteligents and defences studies enthusiasts in Indonesia.

More important again good understanding hit defence, inteligent and form of state threat will assist all of us for developing ways newly face all kind of recent threats in futures.

Jakarta, 20 October 2008


abstract symbolic symbolic abstraction arena domain, a tactics in inteligent operation where inteligents codes, words, number and graphis is applied in process of inteligent analysis, classification and synthesis so that determinable inteligent goals correctly. this Domain is out for make specific format of physical from radio transmission, TV, electronic become reality. Included in his(its is global idea and idea moving Free, communications current through illusory world ( cyberspace) become principles where men have to can express through their perceptions concerning worlds. Growth of information technology push the  flower of form of threat through illusory world, because that is drawing for menggagas the important ‘ tasche force cyberspace ‘ or a kind of inteligent and military identity.

abuse of power abuse of power; a practice of management arrange autoritary goverment and represif. Usually marked by corrupt bureaucracy, annoyed and tardy. Tend to asking for served than serving. At tingakat elite power like president and of ministers tend to wishing continuously maintain power and sensitive from protests and criticisms.

Access to Informatin Act ( AIA) a



giving freedom and access for public in United States for obtaining important information openly. In Indonesia have been ratified by [Code/Law] Freedom Of Public Information by DPR-RI in the year 2008.

acoustic arrays machine pemekik ear; machine which created to influence is psychological of enemy specially military enemy in an encounter. This appliance can function automatically if terkoneksi with electromagnetic wave and also light.

aerospace satelite watcher satellite; satellite which applied to do reconnaissance to enemy. Tap activity of enemy inteligent information and also defence information. This satellite usually launched by precise on course and strategic co-ordinate of defence of opponent, so that in accurate figure give signal inteligent and also photograpic inteligent concerning movement of defence of enemy.

agent contributors a received by information agent is admission join to discuss choice of actions to an inteligents informations, autosuggestion and data is relevant. This agent usually recruited from the akdemisi, business perpetrator and intellectual independent.

agent conversationalists a inteligent world inside information agent giving data through conversation apply natural language code in the form of voice, text and also graphical code henceforth consumer have to process becoming concept, relevant data and possibility of hypothesizing.

agent observers a information agent doing observation and activity of analysis monitoring, pay attention to in intension of progress of duty henceforth offer alternative of potential autosuggestion influence an process analysing inteligent.

base water; airforce basis, relate at vital supporting facilities of air force and activity of team military. Team mobility hardly depend on condition of basis, because basis is not only is important to assist team mobillitity but also for treatment of field hospital or tent hospital and plane.

water brake; air brake, put on the brakes pekam, related to technique in operation of plane combat and also civil where ‘ water brake ‘ of vital importance pay attention to pilot to get the whip hand of plane better and safe.

water defense defence of air; relate at modern war and defence system which hardly depend on strength of air and defence of air force. System of defence of air is recent war phenomenon post cold war, most actual example is Iraq war where ally and United States successfully break approximant of 80% strength of defence of Iraq through air raid with very high accuration. After Iraq really collapse then attack and navy landing to enter Iraqs towns and desert.

water defense; danger from the air defender, relate at defence of air which done through expulsion action, groan and paralyse. Defence of air hardly depend on ability of radar. For example state like Indonesia having many islands and spread over with long coastlines ought to be strenghtened with basis of Radar in number enough and ability of sophisticated technologies. Strategi is important to know movement of enemies planes every time. In This Time Indonesia cum state having weakness in defence of air because limitation of military budget specially for buying plane combating was new and equipments of sophisticated other military. Ideally Indonesia have 6 plane squadron combat is sophisticated having ability for dissipating enemy plane and provided with ability of shooting. Regional of Indonesia in for 3, so every region supported by 2 squadron.

water dropped sensors fixed; sensor pemindai air, technique in censor giving sufficient information hit inteligent data. this Sensor progressively important with growth of and radar technology semi-konduktor where movement of information progressively fast and quickly.

water force intelligence agency; plane inteligent body combated, relate at inteligent body in United States where every military identity unit have inteligent unit. Plane inteligent combat to apply decision and information from armed forces headquarter and air force inteligent identity in Pentagon. Because that is a aircraft pilot combat in United States is choice people which memilliki level of intellegence of height, knowledge and talent of area and also skill relying. Usually former aircraft pilot combat to have quicker civil or military career. The example Geprge W. Bush have ever become pilot in a few inteligent operation in Mid-East and Latin America.

water hostes; steward in plane, stewardess, relate at service at commercial plane of civil.

water surveillance censored; sensor air survey, of a kind technological electronics available for giving air and atmosphere information in kordinat is certain as according to importance of the applied radar type and survey.

water surveillance; air survey, a activity of routine done by good inteligent identity of civil and also military. Suvei is done not just for importance of military, but also other importance like climate, condition and weather area and also natural disaster.

airborne troops; army which in freight through air, a technique in delivery and evacuation of good team in military practice and also operate for inteligent and military truthfully. Delivery through air is done if(when battlefield is not be effective done to apply vehicle of land and also amphibious from sea. United States have important experience in pengirimana special forces through air operation when Normandy military operation, a group of identity which anticipated sent have defeateded, but simply return safely. And so do when war Bosnia, team of NATO very effective and active send team through air because blanketed by battlefield is forest and mount. Air inteligent operation story which enough succeeding immortalized in a masterpiece book Stephen E.Ambrose entitling Band of Brothers, company E, resimen 506, Pass By Quickly Air of 101 Of Normandy coast until kesarang hawk Hitler.

airborne warning and control aircraft; plane peep and explore, plane type which applied specifically for activity of reconnaissance. Plane this type of having is sophisticated at navigation system, hidrolic system, ability and computer system tap concerning defence of enemy.

aircraft carrier; mother ship ( plane) conveyor, all king sized plane or ship type utilizing, good to megangkut team, logistics maupu equipments of other military like military car and drawing. Not all states have types plane carrier because the expensive expenses and its use limited. federal America, Russia and China is state having many planes types cum carrier and cargo having double function.

aircraft; military plane, applied special plane type for activity of natural disaster or military operation. In this time hundreds of military plane type have been developed with specification and excellence of the class definite. United States have plane combat most immeasurable and sophisticated, between the stealth for spies and reconnaissances, F16 is type at most produced by cum commercial military plane in monopsoni. Russia in this time have Sukhoi by sophisticated of definite available for competing with plane F16.

United States have plane U-2 a special plane type of very sophisticated spy. Besides U-2 United States have ever owned project of code spy plane Aurora for replacing SR-71 with specification of which very sophisticated at a speed of very high until 5 mach. This project have never been heard again, even people say have been discontinued by assumed not yet was competent and challange technology which still not yet was possible to be developed. But this year of Russia have produced Myasischev M-55 besides having ability of spy also arm and can bring equipments of military.

Plane Myasischev have reach areal strong signal or emergency apparatus at the (time) of happened natural disaster. Because the sophisticated of this plane can fly high with radio signal modification which very wide. Information now concerning this excess of plane ability from all other spy plane type is the ability tapped discussion and conversation traffic every region.

airfield; airfield, relate at civil air field and airport function and also which applied collectively/together with activity of military.

air-to-air refueling bunkering on the air, plane type which applied peculiarly to assist military and inteligent operation through cooperation with identity unit combat air for requirement of bunkering on the air. Technological of air bunkering is sophisticated technology in area of defence of air, so that air raid effectivity can be done maximally. For example, in action Iraq, more than four plane squadron combat United States do bunkering on the air causing operate for air raid can be done all day long night and noon.

Alutsista, main appliance of defence system, everything related/relevant directly and indirect with system of defence of Indonesia national military, for example equipments of weapons, plane combated, ship lautselam, drawing, radar, including access.

Alliance Ground Surveillance ( AGS) watcher alliance landed, a defence alliance from NATO. This alliance is part of strategy of defence of NATO causing have ability which complementary with other identity. NATO have combined operations and team cooperation and defence alliance in ground forces, navy and air force. NATO also have sophisticated inteligent cooperation network ably preemtive and preventive.

threat ( threat), relate to condition of related to sovereignty and security a[n nation cover public, economic, military, goverment validating. In inteligent goals classification, threat oftentimes aimed at importance of state ( nation state), military ( military), and korporasidunia business ( business).

Analysed – Inteligent synthesis, relate at data-processing technique and method and screening of information to be obtained by accurate information, classification, important and have high secrecy. practically processed analysis x’self applied in vary, between the :

Eksplanasi and description, method early to dig all obtained by information is personnel and set of inteligent unit henceforth expostulated and disesuikan with relevant other information, including comparator information and source.

Detected, more relate at good examination and inspection apply conventional equipments and also equipments of special detector, causing obtained by description is more validly concerning an condition or symptom which there will be before penindakan.

Discovery, relate at invention of description or information which menguatakan or on the contrary [there] no conformity and interfere. Important finding will be applied to study implication a condition to defense and security of military unit or state.

Estimation, estimate of important inteligent to know in more complete and acurately of possible things and surely will happened future. Estimation can be done and made for the duration of length with annual codification, month or weekly, but having to continuous direview and re-analyzed by then adapted growth of threat eskalation from time to time. Thereby inteligent estimation always ‘ up date ‘ not be wrong or wronged.

Predikasi, more relate at forecast or interpretation of to inteligent data, specially forecast of to information kriptologi, namely information which obtained in the form of code, drew, code, number, graphical or text is special causing require smart effort to study him(it.

apprehension is process receiving and comprehend object physically as abstraction bouncing ( from arena of physical of towards mapping of cognate formation).

army, navy, water force, marine corps intelligence identity korp ground forces inteligent, air and sea. This identity work along is good in peaceful condition and also war. Relate at identity korp United States inteligent, for example in film James Bond a cinematography from activity of United States inteligent becoming looking on mandatory for all United States soldier. Film James, Bond, is imagining at the same time most sophisticated tactics in a inteligent operation. All film james Bond story concerning inteligent operation and exhibition of weapons technology. Film James Bond also have commercial value because success in every the twiddling.

assasin murderer; relate at someone doing murder by the way of terror. Murder usually done with shooting by penimbak exact ( sniper) or apply explosive directly and very despicable. The example, Mahatma murderer Gandhi a fanatism Hindu frowning upon struggle of Gandhi to abolition of Caste culturally in India. Gandhi apply cultural approach by the way of using goods and clothes property of people ‘ dalit ‘ the naming of lowest caste in India, or way and attitude Gandi for living in middle of India moslem community make happened kesalah-fahaman group of fundamentalist Hindu and trigger asassin, a big figure anti hardness. Tragic event also befall child of Gandhi Indhira, Gandhi, then the grandchild Rajiv Gandhi.

And so do president Kennedy in United States, murdered because political motif, between the are dishonored Kennedy to inteligent operation Northwood-Amerika Join an association to groan Cuba. Former Pakistan prime minister Benazir, Butho, shot and bombed by year 2007 after campaign nearing General election winning the party, is but defeated in killing. Asassin initially the naming or term which applied for murder action tending to by ideological and political motif.

assassination murder, start recognized since century 1 masehi with modus which continuously grow in century hereinafter. At century 19 and 20 many event of murders progressively pushed by political motives and idiologis ( see terrorizing)

assistent chief of staff for intelligence inteligent staff head assistant, in United States all inteligent member have equivalent qualification and ability because process rekruitmen very tight and professional. Since children elementary school which have given by unique intellegence was bursary and trained peculiarly causing growing becoming smart children. Process rekruitmen a kind of this inteligent member still limited to nations which have going forward and modern because supported by high education budget and also growth of recent technology.

atmospheric sample sampling or example of condition of atmosphere, a technology related to technique in long distance sensor and signal inteligent which good for knowing condition of atmosphere, specially on the happening of inteligent and military operation in a[n region.


basic intelligence, elementary inteligent; is inteligent report in the form of containing data-base of actual informations concerning an inteligents targets which continuously innovating. this intelligence Basic reserved all related/relevant other goverment institutes and inteligent community. Central of Intelligence Agency ( CIA) for example providing basic intelligence periodical which in his(its include;cover;

(1)  Regional review reporting condition of economic policy, military and social in African, Europe, Latin America, Mid-East, Asian and Asia is Middle. This journal have the character of public concerning international relationship and political condition various states. CIA obtain;get through political attache and their military from usual whole worlds dimiciling in embassy of United Stateses larges.

(2)  Terrorism review concerning global terrorism network [job/activity] method and activity. this Journal give information up to date concerning growth of terror motif movement and terrorism various worlds clefts. Hereinafter inteligent community study seriously by entangling is expert politicalness, kriminal and detonator.

(3)  Narcotics monitor concerning growth of global narcotic traffic. International narcotic network continued to experience good growth in advantage capitalization and also spreading modus. This network hardly related to separatist movement for example group of separatist FARC in Colombia sell Cocain and Heroin for their movement fund. Anticipated by autoritary regime like Myanmar and Taliban also sell Narcotic for their war chests.

(4)  Proliferation, Digest, concerning spreading of mass destroyer weapon and high explosive bomb in global storey. This is media most necessary for military leaders in the world, including political leader and inteligent community. Good understanding and knowledge concerning proliferation arming mass destroyer, mini nuclear and studied important explosive by all states in worlds have threatened potency and conflicts.

(5)  International Arms Trade report, concerning transfer of conventional weapons of inter-states, specially commerce of weapon for the sake of separatisme. Growth of industrial of defence of one side give advantage of large for Europe nations and United States, specially NATO. But other side bring care master him(it commerce of armed by of separatists and group of terorist. Inteligent community have interest to know circulation and commerce of dark weapon, specially in United States.

BIN Badan Intelijen, Negara, is national inteligent center body having and duty tanggungjawab for operating inteligent through process analysing, synthesis and determination of inteligent goals and classification come up with decision-making processes for a inteligent operation. In BIN Indonesia have very strategic role because having direct access to President proxy and president.

Structural of State inteligent body

Explanation :

Deputi I overseas area and international organization

Deputi II domestic politics area in the form of security and data collecting

Depuri III handle and produce data collected by Deputi I,I da IV

Deputi IV security area and counter of inteligent

Deputi V propaganda and graving dock area

military business is with refer to activity of other party or military which in direct corollation or indirect exploiting wisdom of centered good public functionary and also area, facility, asset and also military facilities and basic facilities in good economic activity in the form of distribution and also production, levying of barang/jasa the result exploited for the sake of execution of Indonesia national military duty which all the his(its dissociated and also managed and justified state’s finances principles fit.

historically military business ( TNI) in Indonesia confirmed under Emergency Decree ( martial law) year 1953 where TNI take over all company of property of Dutchs, start from levying of rice until didesa-desa, oil exploration and gas overbearingly Pertamina ( 1960), Bulog, assembling of car, battery factory, clothes factory, banking, Emerald airlines, merambah keseluruh activity of economics of Indonesia between his(its of hotels, golf course, perumahan/property, perkayuan/HPH, eksport-import, manufacture minyal, [so/till] insurance.

In the year 1974, President Suharto spend Perpres No.6/1974 expressing that military is prohibited to do business, but since era 1970-an military business exactly progressively rampant, grow to grow and many marked by corruptions and behavior of feathering nest x’self. At era hereinafter military business partly change over under some co-operations and institutions. For Example Institution Kartika Eka Paksi ( AD), Institution Bhumiyamca ( AL), Institution Adi Upaya ( GOLD).

Soeharto x’self also have a number of Institutions like Super Institutions of As of mars, Charitable moslem institution Bhakti, Pancasila, and other. The wide-speading of military business in Indonesia basically also caused by the low ability of state ( APBN) for budget allocation for defence of state ( only 30% from departmental ideal requirement of defence), included prosperity for soldier ABRI/TNI. This reason progressively trigger the  flower of military business strarting at level of top brass a number of generals [so/till] soldiers. If structure APBN can increase budget for defence about 70 % or 20 % from structure APBN 2008 ( 1200 is trillion) namely equal to 240 is trillion, hence all military business can be transferred to become Body Effort publik ownwrship ( Government-Owned Corporations). In military budget in reality ( TNI) year 2006-2007 a long way off from is enough namely 32,6 is trillion to be divided for Angkatan, Darat, Air Force and navy. So average of every ground forces identity, Air Force and navy obtain;get budget Rp.10, 5 is trillion. Compare with Republic of indonesia police budget since year 2000 average of Rp. 30 is trillion.

black propaganda; dark propaganda, usually done through media, internet network, film dokumenter, television. Propaganda also done through orasi and expression verbal, usually happened if relationship of two state really progressively deteriorating. George W. Bush with all ways assure worlds public that Irak-Saddam Husein have mass destroyers weapon, so that United States have interest to fight dikatator Saddam and break civilization of Iraq.

Unhappily, United States memutusakan groan Iraq, catch and sentence to death Saddam, kill millions of Iraq civil citizen, children and woman, break totally all country heritage and infrastructure of 1001 the night, without finding satupun mass destroyer weapon which owned by is Iraq. Bush do not ready to close feeling small him(it by the way of transferring issue that terrorist den Iraq and Saddam defray detonation of WTC. Latter early year 2008 finally Bush confess the mistake that United States set eye on Iraq is not Saddam, the intention for the shake of oil.

borders management, menejemen frontier; relate at form of threat at century 21 so that every state increase attention to frontier from threat: firstly; a air space, land and sea from a state have to be provided with strong defence for the citizen to all form of threats eksternal especially international terrorisms as well as narcotics, contagion. second; control of frontier of state have to be efficient, meagrely or barrier inexistence for melegitimasi journey and commerce.

Frontier Of the problems complexity and Indonesia

Indonesia is archipelagic country with amount of islands reaching 17.499 islands ( but new 5000 island having name or Toponimi as according to order International Gazeteer PBB). Wide water territory of Indonesia reach 5,8 million km2, and also long coastline which mncapai 81.900 km. Two-third from Indonesia region is sea, the implication, there’s only three frontier of land and the rest is frontier of sea. Frontier of Indonesia sea abut on 10 state between his(its Malaysia, Singapura, Pilipina, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Republic Palau, Australia, Timor Leste and Papua Nugini. Even for issue of archipelago of Spratly and Natuna Republik Rakyat China go with the stream to claim.

Conflict potency future in economics zona ekslusif very possibly happened to remember two developed countries namely federal America and Japan not ready to sign UNCLOSS, a international treaty arranging boundarys going out to sea every states. Importance Of United States it is possible that having the character of military, for example a state province of part of 53 United States namely archipelago of Hawai and its surroundings stay hardly far with American sea territory boundary, but admission in okupasi the home affairs.

Conflict potency of struggling of middle smalls islands gone out to sea with great possibility happened if not Indonesias soon pay attention to Toponimi islands the  external  of. Learn from experience of the disjoint of island Sipadan and Ligitan to Malaysia ought to become Iesson necessary for government to pay attention to very seriously external islands administration, installation of mercusuar, exploiting economical and most important things finish Toponimi ( naming of earth aspect) according to rule of International, Gazetteer, then soon report to United Nations to get confession. While importance of Japan is more have the character of economics, namely so that Japan seaman and fisherman have freedom catch fish, the khsusus of definite whale type which hardly liked by Japan public.

bureau of intelligence and research; research and inteligent bureau, relate at unit on duty special inteligent do research ( research) to obtain;get information which will support availibility of data for units and deputi are other.

business intelligence, business inteligent; relate at acquisition, organizational, analysed, and reporting concerning internal factors and eksternal in quicker decision-making processes, more accurately and effective decision faced by activity of business. In the world of marketing of focus business intelligence oftentimes recognized with competitive intelligence, a terminology which made in order not to bewilder with term Competitor Intelligence. In growth of Knowledge Management hence business inteligent is assumed of vital importance for the agenda of winning emulation of global business. Process of processing of information specially process recruit employees having good skill and knowledge can become important capital for progress of company profitability in emulation. Besides company also do development ‘ process tacit knowledge become eksplicit knowledge’.


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